Ladies’ Night in a Box

I finished up this box yesterday after two weeks of careful shopping. In light of recent events in our battalion, I think this box is even more important because it represents self care. I was worried I couldn’t do it justice from so far away, but I really wanted to send the incredibly hard working female officers who are friends of my husband and mine a “girl’s night in”. Everyone, deployed or not, needs time to check out from the daily grind and relax their brains and take care of themselves once in a while. Male soldiers get to be men all the time pretty much, I think female soldiers need to carve out time for their feminine side. A deployed infantry unit is not the easiest place to do that, so I thought I’d put the girliest things I could in a care package for these ladies. The felt cupcake stickers my mother in law gave me were perfect for decorating this box–thanks Momma!

Girls nite box

I thought about what I would buy if we were having one here at home, and this is what I came up with. All fun, no necessities. This is what I came up with:

Girls nite content

No cocktails since alcohol is not allowed in theater…bummer. But virgin strawberry daiquiris are a-okay, and some margarita powdered drink mix is zero calories, and of course insulated tumblers to keep them chilled. Deep cleansing mask and wash cloths might help scrub off some of the grime of war and show off their beautiful faces. Then mani/pedi supplies all on clearance including glitter nail files and toe separators, some callous removing aloe foot wash, and a pumice stone/brush. Yes, there are some fun color nail polishes, because inside those rugged boots are tootsies that deserve extra tlc and no one can comment on their choice of toe nail polish color if they can’t see right? I’m kind of in love with adult Mad Libs for low tech fun, and these I splurged on to get the best ones. For the chick flick component: extra butter popcorn, microwave brownie, and movies (okay really, who puts Mama Mia and There’s Something about Mary in the uber clearance bin??). It took a little longer to assemble than I would have liked, but I was able to get some pretty fabulous deals by being patient.


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