Ft. Campbell Couponing Alert!

Friends at Ft. Campbell: if you have any of those $2 off 3 hallmark card coupons, right now, all Hallmark cards are being removed from stock at the PX and are 75% off the normal 20% off. They set up a separate rack perpendicular to the card aisle with the Hallmark stock, look for the signs. With the coupon which is available in many stores with card displays (and can be printed here: https://www.facebook.com/HALLMARK/app_357514147692821) you can easily get 3 cards for basically free. Most of mine rang up for between 50 and 70 cents a piece. This particular coupon has a $2 minimum purchase requirement, so you need to buy two cards with a list price of $3.29 and one $3.49 for the best deal. That will give you a total of $2.02, so you pay .02. If anyone wants to, try getting three 99c cards (each 20 cents) and see if they’ll take $1.40 off your bill. Some stores will honor a coupon even when your purchase doesn’t quite meet the terms, it’s worth a shot. If it works please comment. Go Go Go!


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