Hail to the Queen

My husband and I make a formidable team. Like Louis XII and Eleanor of Aquitaine before it got weird. As individuals, we have met few challenges we can’t handle, and together we are only stronger. I find that my mind instinctively goes to team work, because that is our strength. So when I got an update on my phone about a severe storm with penny size hail heading for us in the next 15 minutes, I thought for a moment we can just move the weight bench and our friend’s sofa to the back of the garage so I can pull my car in…if he was here. We could do it in 2 minutes together. Me, alone, well, a lot slower and with some banged up shins.

I can’t afford to have my car out of commission right now with a cracked windshield. I could strong Ranger through this one and start shoving furniture, but why? So I thought, what would a smart Ranger do? I started battening down the hatches as I thought and voila, the dogs’ blanket that I put outside to dry needed to come in before the storm, and it is probably…yes…exactly the right size to cover my windshield and moon roof. Slam both doors on it and cross my fingers that it holds. While life is a million times better shared with my husband, when the king is not in the castle, the queen takes care of business just fine





2 thoughts on “Hail to the Queen

    • So far, so good. It was an intense but short storm. It’s going to be a week of scattered severe storms, what with the near constant 100+ heat index. This morning at 6 am when I went to mow the lawn “before it gets hot” it was 80 degrees and 80% humidity 😦

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