Preparing for a TV-less life

I cancelled our TV service. I did. Oh yes, Mediacom, I did the unlikely and voted with my pocketbook against your heinous monopoly. Just a hint: try to avoid lecturing customers on how your company has them over a barrel…it might just make them willing to leave at any cost. It’s worth every cent of the disconnection fee JUST to assert my freedom to choose. So we live in the boonies and there are no other options besides satellite…so what? I’ve lived without cable before. About a year ago actually, when I lived in Chicago and wasn’t willing to buy into Comcast’s evil media empire.

I know what you’re wondering–it wasn’t a temper tantrum that I will regret and call back tomorrow when I’ve cooled down. In fact, my only regret is that I should have run it by DH first, but he’s usually on the same page when I get indignant about bad business. And I did keep our internet. So far from family and friends, I can’t afford not to have semi-reliable (cough, worst connection ever) internet. So we have the networks and PBS, netflix, and a not-too shabby DVD collection. And the library. I’d rather read books and magazines. I’d rather do Sudoku, listen to music, swing in our new hammock, do an exercise video, knit, play scrabble online, write letters, sew, expand the garden. I’d rather do just about anything than feel trapped and powerless by the lack of convenient options.

So I took the inconvenient option. We are not powerless. The lack of an easy alternative is not an excuse to bow to monopolies or any form of bullying. Find the hard option. The more expensive option. The option to disengage, cancel, or reject their premise. The option to do without might just free your soul of a burden you didn’t know you were carrying. Without DH, I leave the tv on all the time and rarely watch it, just to feel less alone. It’s a terrible habit. It does nothing to enrich my soul, it just increases the noise in my mind and probably makes it harder to hear God. So, I’m about to very abruptly wean myself off this habit. I guess I could still keep PBS on in the background but I won’t.

My little conniption fit was a wake up call to something I’ve known for a while: DH and I will have an even stronger marriage spending a little less time watching Chopped reruns and Adult Swim and more time walking our dogs, playing scrabble, monopoly, risk, and croquet, enjoying cigars and bourbon on the deck with our friends, doing crosswords together. We’re nerds. We used to read magazines together like The Atlantic, and somewhere along the way that got lost when things got hectic. Unfortunately for DH, I may not want the TV back when he returns. The money we’re saving will more than pay for a night at our favorite B&B when he gets home, and maybe some honey dust.


2 thoughts on “Preparing for a TV-less life

  1. We ditched cable this year. When we were living overseas, the tv options were really limited and it helped break me of my habit of constantly watching it. We still watch stuff on Netflix or online, so it’s not like I never watch tv, but it is significantly less. I honestly don’t miss it at all. I hope that you’ll find that to be true, too. You listed so many great things you can do with your extra time, so I doubt you will miss it either!

  2. We haven’t paid for cable for about 5 years. We pay for internet and our TV unscrambles at least 30 channels, most of which are cable channels. lol Yes we risk any one of them disappearing at any time, but we hold our favorite channels loosely and its no biggie.

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