Care Package Bonus

I don’t know if anyone was waiting with bated breath for the promised post about the last item in DH’s birthday care package. He finally received and opened the package, so now I can share my (IMHO) awesome idea.

You may know of a few places that print custom photo pillowcases. So, since I certainly miss being able to see DH’s face when I go to sleep and wake up, I designed a pillow case with a message, our bed time prayer, and a pin up photo of yours truly in sepia. You can see enough to get the idea…


I highly recommend using Walgreens photo. Walmart is much cheaper but they kept cropping it wrong despite the confirmation looking correct. Walgreens periodically has a 40% off photo gifts coupon that makes it a very reasonable gift and the pillowcase is a nice soft knit.

“Guide us waking, O Lord

And guard us sleeping

That awake we may watch with Christ

And asleep we may rest in peace.”


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