Marvel Comics Care Package

Marvel Care Package Contents

Ranger loves helping pack boxes–and he’s learning to be photogenic!

I happened to collect a bunch of Marvel/Avengers themed goodies on clearance just before DH’s bachelor party, and thankfully, most of the items in their hangover bags were returned unused, unneeded. So, candy, bandages, compressed wash clothes, etc, feature Captain America, the Hulk, all the favorites. And, after my pinned link for a Hulk care package has been so wildly popular, I decided to make one of my own. This box includes workout support like: jerky, shake powder, nuts, fish oil, power bars, vitamin C drink mix and instant Starbucks coffee. There are some other requested items too, especially sunscreen, baby wipes, pencils, led lights, and crystal lite. I should have sent batteries, but forgot…oops! As always, I collect the Sunday comments to line the bottom of the box, and decorate the flaps. Not my best decorating job, but keep an eye out for the football season opener and Halloween boxes, I just got the paper for them and they’re going to look sweet.

Captain America flapHulk Flap decor