Gelatin Experiment Day 2

Tonight, I pigged out, and I don’t feel even a little bad. I inserted my caffeine drip and spent nearly all day on the victory garden and landscaping. I have an embarassingly well defined farmers tan going now, I think I’m going to start gardening in a bikini before it gets any worse. I did come in at high noon to keep from burning while I prepped some pumpkin seeds for planting and checked some small tasks off my now full page single spaced to-do list. I planted roma tomatoes, onions and garlic slow bolt organic cilantro and dill for pickling, staked the peppers, pruned the tomatoes, cut back the lettuce and gave the saplings a deep watering. I’m very excited for the slow watering ring that is hopefully arriving tomorrow, because I know they are not getting an optimal amount of water. I sprayed everything down with neem oil again because the japanese beetles are so out of control, and it seems to be doing the job. So far, I have harvested 3 summer squash, 3 tomatoes, 3 marconi peppers, 2 baby bell peppers, and tons of basil and rosemary. It was a long day.

harvest 1

So, since I forgot lunch, for dinner I made sourdough rye pizza crust with barbecue sauce, brie, mozzarella, bacon, onions, and shredded grilled chicken thigh. It was delicious, and whole, and cheap. Then I froze the rest of yesterday’s chocolate pudding and threw it in the blender with some almond milk, some plain greek yogurt and the very dregs of a container of vanilla bean ice cream. It tasted so much like a frosty, just lightly chocolate and so thick I used a spoon to eat it, while watching my guilty pleasure: Bridezillas Marriage Bootcamp. The original show gets under my skin seeing these terrible people hurting each other around what should be such a joyous and blessed, unselfish day. The spin off, about these females and the dudes who chose them facing home truths about their relationships, is fascinating from a mental health perspective. It’s also trashy enough that it doesn’t feel like being at work (although words like borderline, histrionic, narcissistic, enabling and denial do float through my mind). Pizza, milkshake, and a show…it’s almost like a date, but with myself.

Natural leavening pizza crust

Sourdough rye pizza crust with brie, chicken bbq sauce, bacon and onions